In a manufacturing plant, it is very important that the machinery being used on the production floor is well-maintained and monitored to avoid any downtime.  Vibration is one of the measurements used for machinery vibration. Industrial vibration sensors are used to spot imbalances, bearing faults and misalignment by measuring machine vibration, providing early fault diagnosis, thus reducing downtime.

Our vast product line interfaces directly with data acquisition equipment including online systems and handheld data collectors.

We offer a full line of piezoelectric accelerometers, velocity sensors, 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, switches, relays, cables, displays and accessories. Virtually all of our products are certified for use in hazardous areas through CSA and ATEX.


- Machinery health monitoring

- Predictive maintenance

- Machinery protection and monitoring

- Occupational vibration (human vibration)


PCB Piezotronics