We offer complete workstation and portable accelerometer calibration systems: They provide accurate back-to-back comparison calibrations of ICP® (IEPE), charge mode piezoelectric accelerometers, piezoresistive (MEMS), capacitive, and velocity sensors in accordance with ISO 16063-21.

Turn key automated accelerometer calibration system

  • Assures accurate, NIST and/or PTB traceable calibrations
  • Calibration typically performed in under a minute per axis
  • Setup tests, acquire data, save results, and print reports quickly with precision and automation
  • Linearity check, shock calibration options
  • Laser primary calibration option
  • Ultra-low frequency option


Portable shaker vibration calibrator - Learn more on ››

  • Small and self contained
  • Integral ICP quartz reference accelerometer
  • English or metric units on LCD screen
  • Battery operated (18 hours)
  • Adjustable amplitude and frequency




PCB Piezotronics