Product sound and sound quality are key aspects of product perception. How a product sounds plays a critical role in conveying the right message about its functionality, comfort, overall brand image and its quality. Regulations and competitive pressure have forced manufacturers to keep noise levels within limits and meet increasingly stringent sound standards. Sound engineers and technicians look for more productive testing and analysis solutions to quickly and effectively identify root causes of existing sound issues and help them efficiently design products that are better-sounding.

We have the following software for data analysis and reporting:

  • Sound Intensity Testing and Analysis
  • High Definition Acoustic Camera
  • Array-based Holography and Focalization
  • Interior Sound Source Localization
  • Sound Quality
  • Virtual Car Sound
  • Exterior and exterior Pass-by Noise Testing
  • Octave Testing
  • Sound Power Testing
  • Acoustic Material and Component Testing


DNA (Data Navigation and Analysis) interfacing to our Larson Davis meters. This software can be used for:

  • Data post-processing functions including all mathematical operations from data blocks, spectra, multi-spectra, levels versus time, engine revolution or speed and more
  • Environmental noise for aircraft noise, industrial noise, etc…
  • Building acoustics
  • And many more features…


Blaze software for workplace exposure to noise and vibration:

  • Analysis and report of noise and vibration data
  • Summary reports
  • Time history graphs
  • Modified summary reports


AUDit software for System 824 sound level meter:

  • Audiometer testing
  • Earphone and hearing aid testing
  • Electro-acoustic testing
  • Audiometer certification




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