Vibration testing is to shake or shock of a component /assembly to find out if  will resist real world conditions. The applications for vibration testing and vibration analysis range from miniature circuit boards and components to complete finished products such as vehicles (aircaft, shuttles or automobiles).

Conducting these tests in the field or the laboratory require  the use of system capable of vibration testing, vibration analysis, vibration control and vibration measurement and excitation.

We offer the complete vibration analysis and vibration measurement chain, consisting of the following:


Multi channel analyzer for vibration testing:

  • Built-in signal conditioning for a wide range of sensors (ICP and charge accelerometers, strain gauges type sensors, microphones, thermocouples, CAN bus, wheel force interface)
  • 8 to 2000+ channels
  • Mobile or laboratory versions
  • Compact and light weight for optimal mobility
  • Rugged design
  • Recorder version for autnomous recording on compact flash cards during vibration testing


Software module to perform the following vibration testing and vibration analysis:

  • Structural testing (Modal testing & analysis)
  • Ground vibration testing (GVT)
  • Rotating machinery vibration testing
  • Turbine vibration testing
  • Durabiliy testing
  • Vibration control and environmental testing
  • Spectral testing (1/nth octave and FFT)
  • Time recording during vibration testing


Modal exciters & hammers

Rental & calibration services


Electrodynamic shaker systems



PCB Piezotronics