We have modal analysis solutions to meet your changing needs. These powerful, high-speed multi-channel vibration control systems are certified for spacecraft testing. The vibration control systems can be expanded to hundreds of control, measurement and limiting channels. Users will find it easy to use for routine random, shock, sine, and combined modes testing and have everything they need for state-of-the-art control and extensive data analysis (modal analysis also).

The controler offers a modular software that will allow the following control algorittm:

  • Swept sine control
  • Random control
  • Single axis waveform replication
  • Shock response synthesis
  • Combined modes
  • Mission synthesis
  • MIMO Triax Random Control
  • Test Sequencing
  • Off-line Sine Reduction
  • Sine notching and Random Response Limiting
  • Tracked Sine Dwell and Time Recording during Sine and Tracked Sine Dwell Control
  • Shock control (classical pulse, measured pulse and shock response analysis)
  • Single Axis Waveform Replication


PCB Piezotronics