Occupational safety and health is a major concern throughout the world. Hearing loss is caused by noise in the workplace is very high on the list of occupational diseases. Hearing conservation programs are implemented in most countries and are governed by national standards and legislation.

One of the tools used to monitor the noise exposure in the workplace is a Noise dosimeter (decibel meters). They are personally-worn products, worn by the worker.

We offer the Spark series of dosimeter (decibel meters) along with the Blaze software

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Spark Series of dosimeters (decibel meters)

  • Units (decibel meters) with sealed aluminum extruded case version for extreme environments
  • Capability of programming the dosimeters (decibel meters) with up to 4 doses
  • Units (decibel meters) with or whithout a display
  • Small rugged design and intrinsically safe
  • Time history and Overall data logging


Blaze software for workplace exposure to noise and vibration:

  • Ability to configure the dosimeter (decibel meter) and download the data
  • Analysis and report of noise and vibration data
  • Summary reports
  • Time history graphs
  • Modified summary reports




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