Hand-arm and whole body vibration is vibration transmitted by the use of vibrating hand-held power tools or heavy construction machinery. The nature of these tools and machinery involve vibration which is transmitted to the hands-arms or the body of the person working in that environment. The longer a person is exposed to the vibrating environment, the greater the risk of health effects.

We offer the following products to measure, analysis and report:


Hand-held human vibration meter- learn more on ››

  • Vibration measurement conforms to ISO standards
  • Simultaneous 3-channel vibration measurement: X, Y and Z axes, plus Sum (S)
  • Portable unit for vibration measurement
  • Records vibration measurement time history
  • Interface to PC


Mobile multi channel solution

  • Portable multi-channel real time vibration measurement analyzer.
  • Application software to perform hand-arm and whole body vibration measurement.
  • Vibration measurement conforms to ISO standards.
  • Embedded MS Office reporting allows to finish the report on the spot.


Seat pad accelerometer and regular accelerometers




PCB Piezotronics