.Accelerometers accurately measure vibration, shock, acceleration, and motion for monitoring, control, and testing applications. Several types of accelerometers and sensing technologies are utilized in order to meet a vast assortment of measurement requirements.


        General Purpose accelerometers - Learn more on ››

  • Used for high temperature environments, which would otherwise destroy the electrical components contained in an ICP® type.
  • Offers simultaneous measurements in three orthogonal directions, permitting the structure being analyzed to experience the complete range of vibrations.
  • Accelerometers with built-in signal conditioning electronics (ICP® type)
  • Most popular because of ease of use and lower cost
  • Accelerometers with charge output
  • Single axis accelerometers
  • Triaxial accelerometers



       Miniature accelerometers - Learn more on ››

  • Accelerometers available in ICP or charge output
  • Available in robust titanium or lightweight aluminum housing
  • Single and triaxial accelerometers
  • Small size
  • High frequency range
  • Light weight




       High temperature accelerometers - Learn more on ››

  • ICP - voltage output (+325 ºF/+163 ºC)
  • Charge output (> +500 ºF/+260 ºC)




       High Sensitivity Accelerometers - Learn more on ››

  • Voltage type – ICP high sensitivity acceleromters
  • MEMS/DC response accelerometers:
    > Single and triaxial accelerometers;
    > Simple DC power excitation;
    > Single-ended or differential output



       STRUCTURAL test accelerometers  - Learn more on ››

  • High output piezoceramic sensing element for strong output signal
  • Lightweight casing materials to minimize mass loading effects
  • Available in a variety of packages, mounting and cable options
  • TEDS option available (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)




       Shock ICP® Accelerometers - Learn more on ››

  • Built-in Mechanical & Electrical Filters
  • Lightweight Integral Cable or 10-32 Coaxial Jack
  • Measurement Ranges From 5,000 g’s to 100,000 g’s



  • Adhesive mounting bases
  • Stud Mounting pads
  • Magnetic mounting pads
  • Easy clip mounting clips
  • Cables
  • Adapters
  • Signal conditioners
  • Portable handheld shaker>
  • Portable vibration calibrator




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